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Efficient Mechanical Interlocking Transfer Window

Clean Room Pass Box Pass box is located between clean room entrance/exit and rooms of different cleanliness levels. It blocks indoor and outdoor airflow while transferring goods, to prevent air from entering clean area and cross contamination. Pass Box Pass box is the supporting equipment for...

Product Details

Clean Room Pass Box

Pass box is located between clean room entrance/exit and rooms of different cleanliness levels. It blocks indoor and outdoor airflow while transferring goods, to prevent air from entering clean area and cross contamination.

Pass Box

Pass box is the supporting equipment for clean room. It can play the role of airlock, to prevent contamination and air convection in clean room. It is characterized by two-door interlock. It’s an effective way to reduce entering times for workers to go into clean room for goods delivery. It can prevent outside air from entering into clean room. It’s one of the best transit devices in clean room.

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Ventilation Pass Box

Ventilation pass box has arc corner inside, which is suitable for clean room principle. It uses cold steel or stainless steel 304 as outer cabinet material. It equips with purification elements like HEPA filter and fan. Air velocity in nozzle mouth is above 20 m/s. Showering time is adjustable, to achieve purification and energy saving effect to the maximum limit.

Mechanical Interlock Pass Box

Mechanical interlock pass box has mechanical interlock or electronic interlock on both doors, to ensure these two doors can not be opened at the same time.

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