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Yijing Attended The First China Manufacture 2025 Summit Forum And Ten Of The Best Quality Enterprises On China

- Jun 14, 2017 -

   On November 4th, 2015, CCTV Outlook Channel Quality Program held ten of the best quality enterprises award ceremony in CPPCC auditorium. Zhou Ping, general manager of Wuxi Yijing Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., was invited to attend this ceremony as excellent enterprise representative.

   Purification technology has been developed in China recent years. The domestic purification industry is highly competitive, and some enterprises have gone quietly, but some are developing strongly. Wuxi Yijing is the only enterprise in purification industry that is invited to this ceremony. Its because Wuxi Yijing focus on technology and quality. From the first beginning, Wuxi Yijing pay attention to quality and set up set up their own brand. They are one of the best among this industry. Wuxi Yijing have got several rewards, like Jiangsu Province Star Enterprise, Wuxi Famous Trademark, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Invitation by China Manufacture 2025 Summit Forum means unanimous recognition to them.

   Wuxi Yijing have set up a long term cooperation relationship with well-known enterprises at home and abroad. In the future, Wuxi Yijing will have a higher pursuit of the product concept, and achieve more breakthrough on design part. They strive to be the leader of industry, creating a clean environment for society and people through purification projects.


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