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What Is The First Step Of Pollution Control In Food Clean Workshop?

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Food is the first necessity of the people. Food safety is related to the personal safety and even life safety of each of us. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the quality of food. In the actual production, the food clean workshop provides a clean place for the food processing environment, and also provides an important guarantee for safety. However, in the process of pollution control, we still need to start in many aspects.

The first issue needs to be noted is the control of the micro pollution source of staff as far as possible. This has an important impact on the cleanliness of the food clean workshop. In order to achieve this goal, first we should take a certain way to control the staff's own metabolism. At present, the main methods are: Before entering the production work workshop, replace the work shoes, work clothes, and wear working cap, disposable mask and so on.

In addition, before entering the food clean workshop, the staff also need to pay attention to that the hair should not be exposed to the outside of the clothes, and not allowed to rouge, makeup, spray perfume and so on. In addition, before entering the workshop, the staff should also undertake full disinfection to the hands, so as to avoid pollution.

After entering the food clean workshop, the staffs must wear disposable gloves if they are in contact with the finished products throughout the production process. The gloves must be complete, non-damaged and impervious. If the hand is found to be contaminated, wash hands and disinfect the hands in accordance with the procedures specified in the hand washing disinfection procedure immediately.

The above is mainly for the introduction of the first aspect of pollution control in the food clean workshop in the production work. I hope that in the actual work, we can strictly abide by the requirements in this respect, do the pollution control as much as possible .

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