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What Is The Effect Of An Efficient Air Filter On Controlling Dust Particles In The Air?

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Popular point laminar air layer is indoor, high efficiency air filters such as dust particles in laminar flow clean room operation movement, which means that dust particles in the air. In the air conditioning system in the clean room or clean room, indoor air HEPA filter belongs to non laminar flow, mean; air entrained in the suspension particles mixed quickly, also can make the particles indoor static re flying, air can also be stagnation.

HEPA filters control bacteria and fungi, viruses. Because microorganisms are mainly attached to dust particles, effective control of dust particles in the air can also effectively control bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air. To do this, it is necessary to filter the particulate matter through HEPA filters. Generally, the HEPA filter has a 99 efficiency in filtering bacteria. 996%. Basically, it can meet the requirements of filtration and purification of biological clean rooms.

High efficiency air filter, the main principle is the principle of inertia filtering, particle filtering is large, easy to fouling, clogging HEPA filter, thereby reducing its service life, self cleaning production, the use of special structure and filter material, which has self-cleaning function, large particles to attach to a HEPA filter, the filter will not affect the the efficiency, and prolong the service life of air HEPA filter.

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