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What Is A Portable Clean Booth?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Obviously, portable clean booth is on the basis of original traditional clean booth increased the function of the mobile.In order to meet the usage, this mobile does not only mean can be moved, but on the basis of the mobile can meet the requirements as part of the clean.Therefore, whether the difficulty lies in the design of the precise and reasonable configuration whether these two aspects.

Besides has the function of mobile, in fact, this type of clean booth but also has many other advantages.First of all, due to the modular design is adopted, thus the whole assembly process is very simple, but also save a lot of installation costs.Secondly, in the practical application, the user can be flexible and mobile, combined with their own needs to reduce unnecessary cost.

In the design process, in view of this kind of portable fully analyzed in the construction of the clean booth and so on the basis of guarantee the quality of use, reduced the weight, also equipped with castor liquidity quadrilateral ethylene transparent curtain.Not only that, the user during the period of using, also find the device can be installed modules like clean area environment area has increased significantly.

Under normal operation state is more important is, this kind of portable clean shed can easily realize clean requirement, keep the field work environment cleanliness between 100 to 10000.Of course, if necessary, the user can also will use multiple devices are combined together, in order to meet the different big a clean area clean level requirements.

To sum up, in fact, portable clean shed during actual use, can bring more convenience and benefits for users.Portable clean shed is also the case, fan, high efficiency filter and damping layer and lamps and lanterns, etc, and the shell through pensu processing, stable and reliable performance, strong and durable.


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