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Warmly Congratulate Yjing On Landing On The NASDAQ Large Screen Of New York Times Square

- Jun 14, 2017 -

    With the intense of the economic globalization and international market competition, the world is going into brand economy era. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to promote the equipment, technology, standards, services, to go out and build China's gold brand. China's current economic status in the world continue to improve. Chinese enterprises pay more attention to the brand in the future competition in the dynamic role when making adjustment of enterprise development strategy.

    Wuxi Yijing Purification Equipment Co., Ltd, under the help of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the ministry of Foreign Affairs, and CCTV, and passed many reviews, landed on the NASDAQ large screen of New York Times Square successfully. It shows brand image and promote China local brand to the world. It improves brand awareness in the global scope. It makes foreign clients to know Wuxi Yijing, and expands the company's business scope. It attracts many potential customers and business partners.

    Wuxi Yjing believe, they will find their path in future business and show the strength of Chinese manufacturing enterprises through this.


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