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Transfer Window Usage

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The transfer window shall be managed by the cleanliness level of the higher level cleaning area attached to it. For example, the transfer window connected between the spraying room and the filling room shall be managed according to the requirements of the filling room. After work, the operator is responsible for cleaning the inner surface of the window, and open the UV sterilizing lamp for 30 minutes.

1.the clean area of material entry and exit must be strictly separated from the flow passage and be transported by the special material passage of the production workshop.

2.materials into raw materials, prepared by the class process responsible for the organization of personnel off the package or appearance after cleaning, the transfer window is sent to the workshop of raw material storage; package materials in external storage to remove the outer packing, the transfer window into the inner room. The shop assistant shall be responsible for the material handover with the person responsible for the preparation and internal packing process.

3.pass through the transfer window, must strictly implement the transfer window in an open and closed door provisions ", the two door cannot open. Open the door after the material into the first close the door, open the door will be closed, so the material out of circulation.

4.when the materials in the clean area are sent out, the materials should be transported to the center of the relevant materials. The station will be removed from the clean area as the material enters.

5.all semi-finished products are shipped from the clean area from the transfer window to the temporary storage room and transported through the logistics corridor to the outer packing room.

6.materials and wastes which are easily to be polluted shall be transported from the private transfer window to the non clean area.

7.after the material in and out, should promptly clean each compartment or intermediate station site and delivery window hygiene, closed the transfer window inside and outside the channel door, do cleaning and disinfection work.

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