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The Principle Of Clean Room

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The main characteristics of turbulent clean room is always flow to flow (from the outlet to the inlet section between the air circulation) is changing, the clean room section outlet section is much larger than that in the whole room and cannot cross section or work section in the chamber to form a uniform flow. Therefore, the flow line after the air inlet has a large or increasing angle between each other, and the radius of curvature is very small, and the airflow in the room can not flow in a single direction, and will collide with each other, and there will be backflow and vortex generation. This decision is the essence of fluid turbulence cleanroom: mutation flow; non uniform flow.

This is used to describe the turbulent turbulence cleanroom is more precise and more comprehensive. The turbulence mainly depends on the Reynolds number effect is mainly affected by the flow rate, but if the use of a HEPA air ejector form, even if the flow rate is very low, but also to produce the above results, it is because it is a mutation and non-uniform flow. In this case, there is not only the mixing of turbulent flow between the streams, but also the mixing of the large recirculation and vortices in the whole chamber.

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