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The Design Requirements Of The Air Shower In Dust-free Clean Room

- Nov 23, 2017 -

The components of air shower as dust-free clean room, at the time of design should pay attention to size, big can create waste, and the small will affect the use effect of the whole dust-free clean room. So how to determine the size of the dust-free clean room air shower?
First can combine the work of dust-free clean room number to calculate the number of air shower room for, on the basis of must leave enough space for air shower, so that the installation and maintenance of the equipment. And sure of the size have to distinguish is a single blowing shower or single double blowing shower, the size of the specific and distinguishing.
If a single air shower clean room configuration, the blowing width should meet the requirements of standing and through convenient, so generally not less than 700 mm, but not more than 800 mm; The net height should not be greater than 2 m. If single wind leaching room, minimum through the net length should not be less than 6 m, to ensure that every staff through at least 9 seconds or more.
In dust-free clean room in a single double blowing shower set, basically use is 1300 * 1000 * 2180 deep wide high specification, and obligate air shower installation size is greater than the outer size, but not too big, lest installed is not easy to trimming.
If dust-free clean room wall for cement solid wall, then the two side walls must be horizontal, vertical and can reserve size position than appearance size is bigger 5 mm per side is ok; If dust-free clean room is choosed steel was used as wall, while the air shower reserve size is the same, but the outside air shower enclosure for right as far as possible, such trimming would not only cost low on the edge of the repair will be more beautiful.

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