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Purification Installation Company Should Obey The Regulations In The Construction

- Nov 21, 2017 -

In order to guarantee the quality and using effect, requiring all purification engineering should have professional purification company to complete the installation, and in the process of actual construction should comply with the relevant specification, so as to avoid adverse factors adverse impact on the construction of purification project. So purification installation company have to do what?
First, purify installation company in the process of construction, all personnel must be from the exit of, must be put on the soft bottom shoes before entering the clean area, and shall not be soft-soled shoes wear a clean area. In addition to the construction personnel and management personnel, other people are not allowed to clean areas.
In addition to engineering installation necessary items, other items such as food, drinks, cigarettes, lighters, etc into purification engineering is prohibited; Before entering, purification installation company for construction machinery, tools, materials and accessories and so on must be clean and wipe clean outdoors from exit.
When purification engineering company of construction personnel handling material and equipment in the clean workshop, to do light to take light put, prevent collision wall or roof; And tools or material handling must be completely off the ground, and shall not be dragged on the ground. Tools, such as scaffolding must be clean, and the pedal must be good with plastic wrap.
Purification engineering company strict rules, are not allowed in the clean room for any welding, drilling, cutting, grinding and other processing work, the work to be done in advance. All that is polluting, must use a vacuum cleaner synchronous clean or will be isolated with the plastic sheeting, construction area to avoid risks.

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