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Purification Engineering Classification: Type Of Turbulence

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The air enters the clean room from the air conditioning box through the air duct and the clean room (HEPA), and consists of a clean room, two sides, a partition wall or an overhead floor

turbulent flow

turbulent flow

Return air. Non linear motion in air turbulence or vortex state of irregular. This type is applicable to clean room class 1000-100000.

The utility model has the advantages that the structure is simple, the construction cost is low, the expansion of the clean room is relatively easy, and the clean room grade can be improved by using a dust-free worktable in some special use places.

Disadvantages: turbulence caused by dust particles floating in the indoor space is not easy to discharge, easy pollution process. In addition, if the system is stopped and activated, the cleanliness of the demand often takes a long time.


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