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Principle Of Dust Free Clean Room

- Nov 25, 2017 -

In many production process, the existence of the particulate pollution will have a serious effect on yield, so will only be through the use of dust-free clean room to strictly control the number of particles.But only rely on the principle of dust-free clean room to particulate as if not enough, still have to follow some basic principles.
principle 1,  in dust-free clean room will not carry into the particles, in order to do this, homework personnel before entering the clean room, to get into the machines and parts cleaning; Dust itself also to dress not hair, do not produce electrostatic special conductive fiber material of dust-free clothing, hats, anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves, masks, etc.; Also must through air shower when attached to the clothes can be removed using the clean air on the surface of the particles, can enter dust-free clean room.
Principle 2, is the amount of hair dust control dust-free clean room manufacturing machines, because the items in the application of mobile contact friction and stripping is easy to cause the dust, and at the time of the moving objects of particles can happen, so as far as possible by reducing the contact strip of dust action form; The abrasion of small dust material and hair oil ways such as dust-free clean room dust control.
Principle 3, is quick to remove dust-free clean room particles, which has already happened has particles will usually based on the gravity and the static adsorption and stay on the surface of the object that the surrounding, so sudden vibration and unstable flow that would make the accumulation of particles in the air once again raise, increases the significant risk of particulate pollution.
So, as long as can prevent airflow control dust-free clean room particles accumulate, but for the charged particles on the surface of the cumulative cannot prevent. In order to prevent particles caused by static adsorption and attachment, usually used in dust-free clean room charged decades fell below the electrical conductivity of the material.
Four principles, to perfect exhaust system, dust-free clean room design in compression displacement at the same time, as far as possible not only to clean room outside the exhaust, and should be used to remove particles back into the air after dust-free clean the room.

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