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How To Realize The Energy Saving Target Dust-free Purification Project?

- Dec 08, 2017 -

For the moment, both life and production fields have been put forward the goal of energy saving, dust-free purification engineering is no exception. In order to achieve the energy saving effect of dust-free purification project, the implementation of the professional company also designed a series of solutions, now how to verify the effect.
In order to make the dust-free purification engineering would be more efficient, first began, reduce the pollution of the clean rooms of value need to know are the main sources of clean room air is materials, equipment, reagents, etc., not people. Value, thus to reduce its pollution will try to use green environmental protection material, low pollution which is reduce fresh air load, one of the effective ways to reduce energy consumption.
Second, also should be fully considered in dust-free purification engineering process production capacity, the size of the equipment, production process before and after the operation mode and connection mode, the number of operations, space equipment, automation equipment maintenance, equipment cleaning method and so on many factors, in order to reduce the investment and operation costs, achieve energy saving purpose. The specific way according to the requirement of production purification level;To high cleanliness requirements, at the same time operating position relatively fixed places using local purification measures.
In addition to the above-mentioned two aspects, dust-free purification engineering appropriate cleanliness level can be set according to the production requirements, the parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, so it can meet the requirements on the premise of energy saving as much as possible. In addition, dust-free purification engineering of lighting will also have a larger impact on energy saving, so also need reasonable setting.
Dust-free purification engineering lighting design principle is, to meet the demand of workers' physiological and psychological. For high point with the method of local lighting, lighting non-production area lighting should be relatively low at the same time, it also can realize the energy saving for dust-free purification engineering.

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