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How To Clean Up The Surface Of Different Projects?

- Jul 07, 2017 -


Epoxy self-leveling floor is suitable for electronics factory, food factory, cosmetics factory, packaging plant, textile and clothes factory.

When using epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor as clean room floor, we also need to do floor treatment first. It means to polish and clean the floor. Wait until floor drys and theres no bulge. Then we do premier coating.

Next, we lay copper foil. Pay attention that it should be laid vertically and horizontally. Then we do tweezers anti-static coating. The last step is to be painted on the surface. After all these steps are completed, the project is finished.

Epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor is suitable for a series of communications equipment manufacturers, chip clean factory, STM clean room and its optical equipment clean room and laboratory, etc.


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