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Ground Form Of Clean Room And Construction Technology

- Nov 17, 2017 -

In dust-free clean room, in addition to form a complete set of equipment, much attention has been paid to clean the ground form, also cannot ignore. In order to meet the requirement of cleanliness, dust-free clean room commonly use is epoxy resin floor, below to learn about this kind of construction technology in the form of the ground.
Dust-free clean room floor, epoxy resin, in fact, the cured epoxy resin and hardener in the formation of the ground surface and bright surface, if carried out in accordance with the thickness of distinguish, can be divided into 0.5 mm thin coating type, 2-5 mm self-leveling type, etc.
Regardless of the thickness of a kind of epoxy resin floor, now that to achieve quality standards, then ask when using dust-free clean room temperature control in 10 ℃ to 35 ℃;Dust-free clean the surface moisture content may have more than 5% at the grass-roots level real estate; The humidity of the air to less than 75%.
Standard construction environment requirements after can begin construction, first to comprehensive dust-free clean room of the original surface with grinding uneven place should be smooth, then cleaning, vacuuming, moisture to dry; Followed with a trowel to evenly coating mixture of pure resin materials in place, and to fully penetrate adhesive to form a layer of viscous strong underlying.
Wait until dust-free clean on the surface of the real estate after curing, the bottom will allocate a good material with a trowel scraping putty layer coated on the bottom, in order to strengthen the floor of the compressive strength, impact resistance. Mortar layer curing thoroughly again after polishing, will allocate the good coating materials with a trowel on the mortar layer, and pay attention to fill the mortar layer on the uneven small pits and pinhole of uniform flat and level.
The final step is to clean room ground surface layer construction craft, the coating material is the same before grinding, clean, dust-free clean room will eventually form a dustproof, anticorrosive, wear-resisting, bright and clean, bright beautiful epoxy floor paint.

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