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FFU Description And Usage

- Jun 30, 2017 -


FFU (Fan Filter Unit) is an terminal air supply unit with self-powered filter. When it works, its top sucks air inside and the air passes through HEPA filter. FFU sends clean air outside uniformly through air supply outlet after filtration. 


FFU provides clean air and particle filtration control during usage. They can be connected and used as modules. It can effectively meet different environment demands  of different enterprises and research centers. 


With the continuous development of economy and living standards, people's demands for quality is becoming higher and higher. This means to have higher requirements for production technology and production environment. Different cleanliness levels directly lead to different production quality and efficiency. 


Different clients have different design and demands for clean room projects, such as Class 100, Class 1000.


FFU meets actual enterprise demands to a certain extent. It controls production environment from various technical indicators. Especially government focus on environmental protection and energy saving recent years. 


At present, FFU is the least noisy air filtration unit and its price is good on the market. Its made of chemical gas dispersing materials. So its suitable for some special industries. It makes good air flow and it absorbs fan factory's advantages.


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