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Cleaning And Working Situation Of Clean Room Pass Box

- Jul 14, 2017 -


During the usage of pass box, it is cleaned based on higher cleanliness level area which is connected to it. For example, if pass box is connected with printing area and filling area, it should be managed based on filling area demands. After work, related persons should clean the interior of pass box, turn on UV lamp and make it work for 30 minutes.

Material flow which is entered into clean room from pass box, should be separated from personnel flow. After unpacking or cleaning the outside surface of raw and auxiliary materials, send them to temporary storage room via pass box. 

When using pass box, staff should strictly follow following rules. Two doors of pass box cant be opened at the same time. Open one side of the door, put materials inside, then close the door. People then open the other side of the door, take materials out then close it.

When semi-products are sent from clean area, they should be sent through pass box to temporary storage room. Then they are delivered to outer package room via material flow corridor.

Its easy to get contamination during running. After finishing material transfer, pass box should be cleaned on time.


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