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Clean Pass Box

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Clean pass box is clean engineering often configuration of a kind of auxiliary equipment, its main function is to provide sterile clean working environment with a vertical laminar flow type and local air purification equipment, used in the clean room and clean room or between clean room and non clean room between the transfer of the item.
Many people will ignore the device, but in fact, clean the use of the transfer window can effectively decrease the number of open the door for clean room, thus making the clean room contamination to the limit. It seems that clean transfer window is to keep dust-free clean environmental infrastructure.
Seen from its appearance can be very intuitive, clean pass box whole shell are using cold plate coating or stainless steel processing, so its surface is very smooth and clean; And set up on the door has a large piece of glass, convenient for observation and installation of magnetic sealant .Located in clean transfer window is of high efficiency filter, and its side of the installation location is circulation fan, completely effective for air filters.
Clean pass box is good, but also cannot ignore the daily use in the process of repair and maintenance, equipment maintenance, such as regularly found the problem and the processing of clean when the transfer window, to ensure the normal work need; At the same time also to regular cleaning, as well as the internal screw fastening.
In addition, also tested periodically clean pass box of purification efficiency, the number of colonies, the workspace parameters such as wind, keep it in the ideal range. In replacement of clean the window of high efficiency air filters, should pay attention to the model of high efficiency air filter is clean transfer window no right, and realize the high efficiency filter the arrow on the tag, should the arrow pointing in the direction of air flow direction.
When the replacement work is done, don't forget to confirm the border no leakage phenomenon; And the clean transfer window system testing, technical indexes reach the rear can normal work .Also allow to ignore, it is the electrical wiring of clean transfer window, often should detection.

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