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Clean Bench Operation Procedures

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Clean bench is one of the components of dust-free clean room, in order to conform to the requirements of the different work, clean bench can be subdivided into different types, levels of laminar flow clean bench is one of them. It is understood that laminar flow clean bench operation level has a set of rules to follow, in order to ensure to achieve the ideal use effect.
You know one of the important factors to ensure the quality of clean bench work, is the item in the right place and the operation, so before you use will items in place; To cleaning and disinfection of clean bench, even at the same time make it have a clean good condition to enter into the formal work.
Specific way is to start in advance level of laminar flow clean bench circulation fan and uv light, running for a period of time after close the uv lamp, with 75% ethanol to wipe clean bench top, sides and mesa, order from top to bottom, from inside to outside disinfected; Then open the lamp is prepared in the rear can. It is important to note that each complete a finished product infusion after deployment, will clean the stage clean up waste, and water clean, when it is necessary to disinfect with 75% alcohol.
Normally, it is in clean start to begin to work after half an hour, and avoid excessive items is put on the operating table, put the appropriate distance between larger items of about 15 cm; Put a distance between small items is about 5 cm long; And on the clean sterile items shall guarantee the first clean air through it.
In the process of use clean bench, should avoid any liquid substances from entering the high efficiency filter, high efficiency filter once wet, cause mould easily damaged and; While avoiding violent action in the clean room, avoid loud, sterile operation shall strictly abide by the rules.
In order to ensure the performance of the clean bench, regularly carries on the dynamic monitoring of the plank tonic bacteria and detection of various parameters, to ensure the quality of clean machine running, and save the test report.

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