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Classification Of Purification Works: Composite Type

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Composite for turbulent flow and laminar flow type to be combined or used, can provide the local super clean air.

(1) clean tunnel (Clean Tunnel): HEPA or ULPA filter will be the process area or work area 100% coverage, so that cleanliness level increased to more than 10, can save installation and operation costs. This type requires isolation of the work area of the operator and the maintenance of the product and the machine to prevent the machine from affecting its work and quality. Most of the ULSI process is of this type.

There are two advantages to a clean tunnel: A. flexible expansion is easy; B. maintenance equipment can be easily implemented in the repair area.

(2) clean pipe (Clean Tube): the product process through the automatic production line surrounded and purification treatment, the cleanliness level is raised to more than 100. Because the product and the worker and the dust environment are isolated from each other, a small amount of air supply can achieve good cleanliness, and can save energy, and no manual automatic production line is most suitable for use. It is applicable in the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries.

(3) and local clean room (Clean Spot): the cleanliness level clean room products grade 10000~100000 clean indoor turbulence process area increased to more than 10~1000 level, thought production; clean bench, clean studio, clean air cabinet is such.

Clean shed: in a small space in a clean room with turbulent flow in the space of the anti-static transparent plastic cloth, using independent HEPA or ULPA and the air conditioning unit and a higher level of clean space, the grade is 10~1000, the height of 2.5 meters, covering an area of about 10m2. The four pillar and installation activities for using the elastic wheel.

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