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Brief Description About Air Shower

- Jun 30, 2017 -


Present air showers are automatically controlled and installed electronic interlock. It starts blowing automatically with infrared sensor. While blowing, two doors are closed.Air shower is also equipped with door closer, transparent viewing window, a series of software for control and LED touch screen. Air shower time is adjustable.

Its easy to operate air shower with soft touch screen and indicators. They give a clear instructions about air shower process.

Air shower also has high cleanliness and high air velocity. It has two-level purification system. Its installed with non-clapboard HEPA filter which has 99.99% filtration efficiency, to ensure purification level.

Air shower has stainless steel cabinet and rotatable nozzles. It has centrifugal low-noise fans to make air velocity above 25 m/s at nozzle mouth. Air velocity is more than 18 m/s when it blows to human body.Air shower reaches purification effect in this way.


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