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Application Characteristics And Management Requirements Of Clean Transfer Windows

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Clean room pass box Outside is made of cold steel plate or all stainless steel plate, the internal circular plate chamfering processing, no dead angle beautiful appearance.

On both sides of the door with electrical interlock device, the two doors can’t be opened at the same time.
to prevent the air pollution into a clean area and cross contamination.two-door for large angle square window,double hollow toughened glassobservation window, it’s so convenient for observation and at the same time effectively to ensure the cleanliness within the enclosure

Clean room pass box be equipped with sealing strip, this will ensure that the air tightness, when using the effective add ultraviolet germicidal lamps and lighting, add powerful magnets, it can effectively guarantee the equipment under the interference of the external factors, such as power, on both sides of the door wouldn't open.

Clean room pass box  with call function button on the control panel, you can know on both sides of the situation, built-in 220 v low noise centrifugal fan, working state noise below 65 decibels, doorway pages open the safe, reliable, no noise.

Clean room pass box effective for use in the process to formulate its management system, it can effectively ensure that in the process of operation will not bring pollution of clean area, mainly is suitable for the use of the transfer window management, its main duty is to the operation and production management personnel

Clean room pass box package and outsourcing of two workshop environment and different grade is different, its package environment of the differential pressure differential pressure will be greater than its outsourcing environment, for use in the process in order to ensure that the pressure difference, so the transfer type designed to interlock each other.

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