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Air Shower Pass Box Design , Installation Method And Matters

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Air shower pass box is a very common one kind of auxiliary equipment in clean engineering, it is set in the middle position of clean areas and clean area, can to deliver goods at the same time, reduce the number of door open in the clean area, pollution can result from the clean area. If you want to build dust-free production workshop, you have to use air shower pass box.
Although only play a supplementary role, but the air shower pass box has been widely used in micro technology, sterile laboratories, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, food processing, LCD, electronic white workshop each production situations in the field of industry, such as sterile dust-free production environment is the construction of the foundation.
In order to satisfy beautiful and a series of good performance, air shower pass box structure design and material selection is done carefully, such as its working mesa using stainless steel material, not only can achieve smooth bright and clean, but also has the property of wear resistance and no dust.
And two doors of air shower pass box is configured with a mechanical interlock or electrical interlock function, that is to say, as long as any of those when a door is opened another door will be locked, to prevent the open at the same time cause pollutants to enter; Also equipped with uv germicidal lamp, in order to reduce bacteria produce.
As to the shape and size of air shower pass box, will be made according to the needs of users design and manufacture, so as to give full expression to its usefulness. In the process of installing air shower pass box, first to choose convenient location opening in wall body, generally larger than the transfer window outside diameter hole around 10 mm; Then put the transfer window in the wall and keep its balance.
Note that the air shower pass box is installed, not only need to use rounded corners or other adornment to decorate the transfer window and wall cracks, glue sealing; Also has to be reliable grounding, require that the grounding side of the outlet with the transfer window is connected, so that we can to a certain extent, ensure the safety of the person.

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