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Air Filters And Other Devices Distinction And Filtering Level Comparison

- Nov 09, 2017 -

We will use the question and answer this form, to learn air filter. 


Air craft engine, whether to have air filter? And, air filter, its main application field, what is it?

On the aircraft engines, there is no air filter this parts, because it is not applicable. And the main application field of air filter, it is on the air filter cleaning, used to provide a clean air environment, and in order to make some corresponding work, and satisfies the requirement of clean air.

Air filter, air purifier, and the air  fresh, is there any difference between the three?

Air filter, air cleaner and air freshener, these three, on the name , they are the same. however, from the perspective on the way to work, there are different conclusions. Because, air purifiers and air fresh, is through the indoor air circulation, can achieve the goal of the clean air. And air filter, it is will indoor air by filtering, etc., into a clean air, and then, again into the interior. So, they are some differences.

PRE-filter and HEPA filter the two kinds of air filter, on the filter level, which is higher?

PRE-filter, it is commonly used in air conditioning system of the primary filter, used for more than 5 um dust particle filtering. Its on the style, have plate, bag and folding of the three. And HEPA filter, its mainly is used for filtering under 0.5 um granular particles, as well as a variety of suspended solids. So, its the point of view, is of high efficiency air filter to filter rating,.


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