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Air Filter G4 Refers To What And Purification Efficiency-related Factors

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Air filter of G4, specific what be to point to? With the oil mist separator, the same? In addition, air filter of high efficiency air filter is a kind of, whether the model is different, is the purification efficiency of different? To these problems, the main purpose, in order to thoroughly solved, so that we can have a correct understanding, and at the same time, can deepen the air filter.

Air filter, G4 specific meaning, what is it?
Air filter, its in different countries, have different levels of hierarchy .At home, it is a rough effect, effect and efficient in the three grades, in Europe, it is divided into G, F and H this three levels. So the G4 is corresponding to the coarse effect this level of domestic equivalent of coarse filter.

Oil mist separator and the air filter, is there any difference between the two? Is there a comparable?
Oil mist separator, it is mainly used for oil mist, such as pollution of the gas collection and purification, and air filter, is for the purification of the air pollution, so they are in the range of application, is not the same, and, on the structure, also is not the same. So, on this question, the answer is to have the difference, and this is two different devices, there is no comparable.

HEPA air filter have different purification efficiency?
High efficiency air filter, which is one of the air filter, and on the purification efficiency of different types, is different, therefore, on this question, the answer is, moreover, it is very positive. The H13 type, for example, the purification efficiency, is 99.95%, H14 purification efficiency, is 99.995%.In addition, the limit on the purification efficiency, can reach 99.9999%.

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