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A Series Of Standard Food Sterile Clean Room

- Nov 18, 2017 -

In order to guarantee the safety of food, food processing enterprises usually set up necessary aseptic workshop, prevent bacteria from entering or breed. But it is not a food sterile clean roomis foolproof, still have a lot of the operation of the matters need attention.
Since it is food sterile clean room will be strict aseptic operation standard, to prevent microbial contamination, such as operating personnel before entering the sterile clean room need to turn off the uv lamp. Also in the food sterile clean room set up specialized sterile preparation and the buffer room, cleanliness and temperature and humidity, must conform to the requirements of the corresponding.
During the work to keep food sterile clean room, do not pile up sundry to prevent pollution; And fight all the sterilization equipment and medium pollution, to have to stop using contaminated equipment, to ensure the cleanliness of sterile clean room meets the requirements.
For all need to food sterile clean room equipment, apparatus and instruments, the article such as AGAR, all want to and the tightly wound after appropriate methods of sterilization ability into; And the staff before entering the food aseptic workshop, must hand washing with soap or disinfectant disinfection requirements, and then in the buffer between replace special clothing, shoes, hats, masks and gloves can enter after operation.
Food sterile clean room production of test samples before inspection, should maintain the outer packing is complete, may not open, to prevent pollution, and before the inspection should also disinfected with 70% alcohol cotton ball outside surface. All items must be with live bacteria sterilization and rinse under the tap, or may be contaminated food aseptic workshops on the sewer.

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