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Working principle and cleaning requirements of FFU

- Jul 10, 2017 -


  FFU  in the process running the fan and motor drive air circulation flow, the air pollution will be effective under the action of the air filter can remove contaminants, will get clean air, released into the indoor.

   Many air purification unit purification technology is different, so the working principle is also slightly different, so the user must choose carefully. Many businesses will hear, shoddy, despite the interests of the users.
   Customers in the process of buying, should be selected legitimate products, good quality high -profile factors to buy .
   FFU  can  rapid purification, when early air purification equipment operation, the recommended in maximum air volume in operation for at least 30 minutes, and then in the effective to other gear, so that you can reach the effect fast purify air.
   FFU can  remove  outdoor air pollutants, suggest to keep the doors and Windows avoid the decline in the purification effect of indoor and outdoor air circulation of a large number of interaction, if long time need to pay attention to the use of periodic air ventilation.


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