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Working principle and classification of over clean table

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Clean bench is in principle in the specific space, indoor air pre filter filtration, pressure in the static pressure box by small centrifugal fan, the air filter two filters, HEPA filter from the air outlet side blowing gas flow has a clean and uniform velocity, can eliminate the air the original work area, the dust particles and biological particles away, to form a sterile high clean working environment.

Product classification

The air flow is divided into vertical flow and horizontal flow clean bench clean bench clean bench; from the number of operators on the table: divided into single and double work table; clean bench is structurally divided into: a novel push-pull and self circulating type (only vertical DC).

Clean bench is divided into vertical flow clean bench according to the airflow direction (vertical flow clean bench) and the horizontal flow clean bench (horizontal flow clean bench), the vertical flow table of the fan on the top so noisy but vertical wind blowing with so as to ensure the health of the human body in pharmaceutical engineering the level of flow table; the noise is relatively small outward so much in the electronics industry, has little effect on health. According to the operation structure, it can be divided into two forms, one side operation and two side operation, and can be divided into ordinary super clean table and biological (medical) super clean workbench according to its use.

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