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What are the specific aspects of air filter selection?

- Sep 16, 2017 -

Air filter This kind of filter, then, will focus on the principle of choice of its choice, so that we learn through, have a correct understanding, so that the filter in the purchase process, you can proceed smoothly, And have the right to judge, so that in order to choose the right product, thus, in the use of the process to obtain good economic benefits.

Air filter selection principle, in general, is based on the actual situation and the use of demand to carry out, and can be divided into the following aspects, is:

In order to determine the efficiency of the final stage air filter, and at the same time, determine the combination of the filter series, as well as the efficiency of its various stages.

If only the general purification requirements, then, the use of early effects filter, you can. If it is required to moderate purification, then, should be used early and effective two-stage filter; if the purification requirements are high, then, is for the early effect, efficiency and efficient three filters.


Second: the outdoor air dust and dust particles should be measured

Air filter, which is the outdoor air filter purification, and then into the room. Therefore, the outdoor air dust content, is a very important parameter, especially in the multi-level filter. Because we are in the choice of pre-filter, is to use the environment, the filter running energy consumption, and its maintenance, etc., take into account, so, will have this specific requirements.

Three aspects: to determine the characteristics of good air filter

The characteristics of the air filter, mainly for the filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration, dust capacity, filtration wind speed and air flow and so on. Therefore, if the conditions permit, then, should choose to filter high efficiency, low resistance, dust capacity, filter wind speed appropriate, and the handling of large air flow air filter, and also easy to install, because the price, because too high.

Four aspects: the nature of dust-laden gas to be analyzed

Because the air filter is mainly used to filter the gas, so the nature of the dust in the gas, should also be understood that the specific terms, there is temperature, humidity, pH and so on. Moreover, these specific parameters, the performance of the air filter efficiency, but also have a certain impact.

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