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Three cleaning and disinfection methods commonly used in the dust free clean room

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Dust free clean rooms have been widely used in many industries, especially in some high-precision manufacturing enterprises. Its main purpose is to ensure that the workplace is not contaminated by dust particles. But because of long-term use, it will inevitably produce stains and need cleaning. But the dust free clean room is not like other production workshop that can directly use simple tools to clean. The cleaning way of the dust free clean room is very exquisite.

One of the most commonly used cleaning methods for dust free clean rooms is ultraviolet sterilization. Many microorganisms can be killed by ultraviolet rays. However, the effect of ultraviolet sterilization has a great relationship with the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, in order to achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to use an ultraviolet light source that meets the national requirements.

There are also through the chemical reagent fumigation method to clean and disinfect the dust free clean room, killing all kinds of microorganisms, viruses, fungi, spores. However, the disinfection effect of chemical reagents in the dust free clean room needs a long time, which may affect the normal production. At the same time, after sterilization, it needs a long time to open the ventilation system, and energy waste is larger.

Another is ozone disinfection. Because the ozone atoms are extremely unstable, which also determines the ozone oxidation ability and sterilization ability are very strong. After the ozone is oxidized and disinfected in the dust free clean room, other excess oxygen atoms will form oxygen molecules in about 30 minutes due to the action of oxygen in the air, and no toxic residues are generated, so that the problem of secondary pollution after sterilization is solved, and the oxygen content in the indoor air is also increased.

When the ozone content in the air exceeds a certain range, it has strong  oxidation destructive effect to the internal structure of microorganism such as virus and germs. Moreover, ozone diffuses very uniformly and rapidly at a certain concentration and in a relatively closed environment. Therefore, by introducing ozone into the dust free clean room for cyclic disinfection, suspended particles in the air of the clean workshop can be reduced, thereby improving the cleanliness of the air and further prolonging the service life of the cleaning equipment.

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