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The level of the laminar flow hood structure

- Jan 08, 2018 -

General, actually the laminar flow hood belongs to a predominantly for a certain range of work environment to provide the level of cleanliness of air purification unit, also belong to a vertical uniflow, provide local clean the class environment, dust-free sterile purification equipment.In practice, the level of laminar flow hood can be more flexible to decorate in need of high cleanliness process above.

Thus, the level of laminar flow hood not only excellent performance, and is convenient to use and fully meet the needs of the local process point environmental requirements of high cleanliness.By comparison, it also has in the application of saving investment, quick effect, convenient installation, low operating cost advantage.At the same time can also be applied in different fields.So, how about its structure?

Normally, the level of the laminar flow hood case is made of sus304 material, also includes high efficiency filter, the variable air volume air units, wind speed and pressure difference detector, lighting components, and other important components.At the time of processing chassis, selects the mirror without fingerprints of SUS304 stainless steel material, after sheet metal bending integrated production molding, beautiful and clean, easy to clean disinfection.

In order to meet different application requirements, the best level in the laminar flow hood with fan system can be adjusted.It is very convenient for the users.Because by adjusting the operation condition of the fan, will be able to keep clean workspace average wind speed in rated range.And you can also use stainless steel wind anemometer detection, and return by the controller will fan speed constant in value.

When installed, the level of laminar flow hood can use hoisting, also can use bracket installation.In addition, the level of the laminar flow hood supply surface orifice plate air supply and flow membrane air supply.It can put the air at a certain wind speed flow layer are formed by high efficiency filter, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the work area. 

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