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The History and Future of Air Showers

- Aug 25, 2017 -

For many years now, air showers have gradually become more and more impactful not only to manufacturers, but also in the daily lives of consumers. That’s not to say that everyone is knowledgeable about how air showers work; but rather that the products which depend on air showers to ensure safety and quality are increasingly common. 

Air showers belong to a family of equipment known as “purification equipment.” The main function of an air shower is to blow away dust particles—which represent potential contaminants—when people or objects are moving into a controlled clean environment. Air showers are commonly used in high-tech manufacturing and research environments in which particle contamination can pose a major risk to product quality and safety. 

Air showers also serve as a buffer area between two areas of varying cleanliness, and restrict access to only authorized users. Due to the usefulness and practicality of air showers, they are often employed in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics manufacturing, medical device, and other industries.

Since air showers were invented decades ago, many innovations have occurred that have made air showers both more effective and convenient to use. Modern day air showers come in sizes small enough for only one user, and large enough to process large cargo such as automobiles. Automatic electronic interlocking doors, digital control panels, biometric security access, and voice-activated controls are all features included in top-of-the-line air showers.

YiJing Air Showers can be customized to come equipped with any combination of the above features, and we can adjust the shape and dimensions of any air shower to fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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