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The basic structure and features of high efficiency air supply outlet

- Jan 09, 2018 -

About the structure of high efficiency air supply outlet can be divided into four parts, respectively for enclosure, diffuser plate, high efficiency filter, and manual control valve.Usually, in the process of production, high efficiency air supply outlet box body is mainly use cold rolled steel or stainless steel.

In high-efficient air mouth, the diffuser plate as a main role is to ensure that meets the requirement, the injection velocity of airflow to avoid to produce eddy current.As for the equipment supply air way, users can use side into the wind, also can use the top into the wind, the flange is divided into two structures of square and circular.

In practice, due to the high efficiency of air supply outlet has its own features, and can meet different levels and different roof structure of heterogeneity flow clean room (1000 to 300000).Coupled with the technology of advanced design, so the device also has strong universality.For users, the equipment is not only stable and reliable performance, but also has the advantages of less investment, simple and convenient construction.

Not only that, under normal conditions of use, high efficiency air supply outlet of routine maintenance is simple and convenient, if necessary, is also very easy to replace the hepa filter.So often people as clean room terminal purification equipment the best choice.

More important, efficient air supply outlet stream wind sites also set up a corresponding away from plate.This design is to ensure that the benefits of clean filtered air jet velocity, but also can avoid to produce eddy current, especially suitable for application in all kinds of flow clean room.

Of course, can generally, according to the specific requirements of the user, to determine the efficient way of supply air of air supply outlet.During the use of the efficient air supply outlet, the plenum can choose cold rolled steel sheet of the lacquer that bake, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, the optional accessories mainly manual air volume control valve.

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