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Purification company guidance position and reasonable layout

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Purification company is engaged in purification engineering design, need to abide by the principle of relevance, such as purification engineering location choice, must according to the demand, and after the comparison of technical and economic solutions.Usually, purifying the company will set the purification of customer engineering in atmospheric dust and harmful gas concentration is low, natural environment good area.
And away from railway, docks, airports, roads and factories send out a lot of dust and harmful gas, storage warehouse and yard has serious air pollution, vibration or noise.Such as the purification engineering can't get away from serious air pollution, as far as possible in its maximum frequency the windward side, or the year minimum frequency wind leeward;Also decorated premises in a clean environment, traffic, logistics of traversing areas or less.
Purification according to company's past experience, for both the microvibration control purification workshop location choice, should be the actual determination of existing around the vibration of the vibration source, and should be with precision equipment, precision instruments and meters allowable vibration value determined after analysis and comparison.
In addition, the purification company will purify the dust-free workshop in engineering and the distance between the traffic trunk road design than 50 m;Workshop set up around the ring fire lane, if objective conditions do not allow, can be set up along the workshop two long side of the fire lane.
Purification in the process of construction of purification engineering company, not only requires dust-free workshop surrounding road surface, should choose good overall performance, hair dust less material;The green, but also can spread planting lawn, should not be harmful to the production of the plant, and shall not interfere with the fire control work.

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