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Information and installation mark of pass box

- Jun 24, 2017 -


Pass box is mainly used stainless steel bending welding forming, its workbench  made of the stainless steel material.  Surface of pass box is bright and clean, picture upside.


Electronic interlock  pass box can open on one side of the door when  the other door lock automatically .So when deliver goods, first of all, open the door , transfer goods from window, door close, then the pass box on the other side of the door open, to achieve delivery of the item. Also, the personnel removed items should immediately transfer from pass box and closed the door.



Pass box is a delivery device to reduce the frequency to open the door of clean room, mainly for small items passing between different levels of crystal room or clean area, to prevent low-level unclean air to enter high-level clean room when passing materials, clean room contamination can be reduced to a minimum.

The shape and size of the pass box  in the process of production can be effectively designed to meet the needs, and pass box would  install sterilization lamp, control microcomputer plane.
Pass box should be installed on the required level security in the partition wall. The plug of the pass box must connected with the stock on the earth, in the process of installation must be reliable grounding, so that we can ensure the security .


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