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How to decorate to reasonable food production workshop in clean room?

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Different production situation is different to the requirement of environment, compared with food production workshop cleanliness requirements usually is higher, so in the design for large food workshop purification room, what are the basic conditions to meet ideal cleaning effect to have?
Food production workshop in the production process will produce a lot of heat, steam, flour dust, waste gas, waste water etc. In the workshop air turbidity of pollution source, therefore, large food production workshop must be set purification room, make its maintain good ventilation environment purification, to keep the food factory room air circulation.
The use of clean rooms, not only can effectively reduce the settlement of food microbe in the process of production, excessive bacteria and so on, can also improve staff's daily working environment of comfort, humanized plant management.The design of clean room, of course, also want to match the actual demand, thus reducing the cost.

Many food production workshop is not necessarily a strictly to meet the requirements of clean room workshop environment, general food factory can separate workshop area according to production line production process, in order to better control the indoor environment.Such as raw materials, mixing, can be classified as a cooking area, due to the relatively hot mixing area, cooking area environment, so the area of ventilation and air supply engineering is relatively important.And also in clean rooms set up an independent baking area, and form a complete set of independent send exhaust system;And area, packing area, finished product packaging, QC, etc are also have a corresponding level of cleanliness of clean room area, form a complete set of clean areas should be independent of air purification systems engineering.Such scientific distribution of the production function, can effectively reduce plant investment and operating cost.

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