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FFU appearance of clean unit structure and advantages

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Currently in the production of various types of clean unit FFU, usually based on imports of environmentally friendly aluminum-zinc plate as raw material. This material is not only corrosion-resistant, it also has the performance advantages of never rusting, while also meeting the rugged requirements of light weight. In addition, the unit FFU clean unit is usually imported anti-static multi-wing energy-saving fan.


In actual production, the user can adjust speed through the third gear speed switch which is equipped to ensure that the clean unit FFU meets the requirements of use. Third gear speed switches were high, medium and low-bit. The fan can not only provide a large air volume during operation, but also has low noise during operation, uniform air pressure spreading, uniform and stable wind speed on the surface, and low running cost of power consumption.


Let's look at the look of the FFU for the clean unit. Judging from the current production situation, no matter what type of FFU, its appearance and shape mainly include two kinds, one is a rectangular parallelepiped structure, the other is an upper part is a ramp-shaped structure.


Usually, the upper FFU with a slope-shaped structure in the upper part can also act as a guide in the process of using, and is more conducive to the flow and uniform distribution of the airflow. The other structure of the FFU is mainly through other means to achieve the effect of balanced air flow.


If the classification from the structure, then the clean unit FFU consists mainly of two types, one belonging to the overall structure, the other is the split structure. Among them, FFU with split shape has two major advantages: first, it is more convenient to replace the filter; and secondly, the labor intensity during installation is reduced.


Comparatively speaking, the main advantages of the FFU with the overall structure of the clean unit include: 1, enhancing the sealing of the FFU of the clean unit, effectively preventing the leakage; 2, helping to reduce the noise; 3, reducing the vibration.

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