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Dust-free clean room requirements for temperature and humidity and pressure difference

- Jan 04, 2018 -

With the improvement of dust-free clean room air cleanliness requirements, technology is becoming more and more high to the requirement of the temperature and humidity, must reach a certain temperature and humidity level.What reason is this?Ask the dust-free clean room temperature is low, it is because people after sweating, the product will be pollution, especially afraid of sodium semiconductor workshop, the workshop should not be more than 25 degrees.


And the problem of high humidity is more dust-free clean room, when the relative humidity is over 55%, cooling water condensation on the wall, if in a precision device or circuit, it will cause accidents;And at the time of the 50% relative humidity, and easy to rust.
For most dust-free clean room, to prevent the pollution into the outside world, in addition to the cleanliness and the requirement of temperature and humidity, also need to maintain internal pressure is higher than external pressure.On the pressure difference of dust-free clean room is usually so, first of all, high level of cleanliness of space pressure is higher than that of adjacent cleanliness level low pressure space;Second mutually between clean room door to open to the high level of cleanliness of the room.
Also, dust-free clean room pressure is higher than the clean space.And differential pressure maintain mainly rely on the new air volume, the new air volume to compensation from the clearance leakage under the pressure difference of air volume, so the pressure difference between the so-called is leakage air volume through various crack resistance of clean room.


Some turbulence dust-free clean room, still have to rely on air dilution effect to reduce indoor pollution degree, so the main USES air changes this concept, and not directly use the concept of velocity.But asked the room air velocity shoulds not be too big, so as not to blow the surface particles return airflow and cause pollution.

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