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Different kinds of air filter

- Nov 24, 2017 -

About the kinds of filters, air filters because so much application, it is necessary to learn and get familiar with it, at the same time can also through continuous learning, to increase their professional knowledge in this field.

1. In the industrial dust-free workshop, can use air filter?
Ordinary industrial dust-free workshop, is the use of the air filter, is UV line air filter this one. On the filtering level, can be primary, intermediate, and high efficiency of the three to be used at the same time and return air system, can effectively filter. In front of the filter, shall also have the pre-filter, such.
2. Air conditioning box, on the air filter, in effect filter, if you want to install the early effect filter?
Air conditioning in the box, the use of air filter, before the filter, is to install the efficient filter, at the beginning of the this is must have. Because, this can avoid after dealing with the filter of clean air, was again pollution. In general, the effect of air filter is installed, after the blower is on the positive pressure blower export section.
3. The oil mist separator and the air filter, the two are the same?
And air filter, oil mist separator from a professional point of view, the two are not the same, because, oil mist separator is used to collect and purify the pollution gas such as oil mist, and air filter, is used to collect and purify the air pollution. So, they are in the field of application, scope, and product are not the same, therefore, will have the conclusion. And, you also not to confuse them.

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