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Different filter material types of air filters and what is the diversion ratio

- Oct 23, 2017 -

【Summary】The air filter is one kind of filters, and it is widely used, so we can see it in some cases or industries. So, based on its wide application, let's specifically understand it to get good use effect.

1. What are the three types of air filters, in terms of structures and filter material types?

The three types of air filters are crude effect, median effect and high effect filter. So next, let's illustrate the structure of the filter material types.

Crude effect filter: Its structural styles are plate-type, draper-type, roll-type and folding-type. Its types of filter materials are non-woven fabrics, nylon mesh, glass fiber and wire net. In addition, in the commonly used models, it has the CW air filter, ZJK-1 roll-type automatic herringbone air filter, and TJ-3 roll-type automatic flat air filter.

Median effect filter: It only has one structural style. In the types of filter materials, it has many kinds, specifically including fibre glass, medium pore polythene polyfoam and synthetic fiber felt made from the terylene fiber, polypropylene fiber and acrylic fibre.

High effect filter: In the type of filter materials, it is the ultra-fine fiber glass filter paper. In addition, in the commonly used models, there are GB type and GWB type.


2. What is the diversion ratio of the air filter? In addition, is there different filtration efficiency for different concentrations of measurement on this kind filter?

The diversion ratio of the air filter, in particular, refers to the ratio of water in the filter and the moisture in the inlet air. On specific requirements, the value cannot be less than 80 %, otherwise, it will affect the use effect of the filter.

There are different filtration efficiency for different concentrations of measurement on this kind filter,. And, in the category, there are weight efficiency, counting efficiency and sodium flame efficiency, which are very important parameters and indispensable.


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