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Design and efficiency of pass box

- Jul 03, 2017 -

    Pass box is used in the process is mainly between workshop and assembly of clean room , is an auxiliary air purification equipment.  Pass box  in the process using sterile air , and can effectively provide the vertical laminar flow model purification equipment.


      Pass box is installed in the clean room entrance or between different cleanliness level room, deliver the goods when blocking indoor and outdoor air flow through the device, in order to prevent the air pollution into a clean area and cross contamination.


    Pass box is mainly used stainless steel or clod steel bending welding forming, its workbench made of the stainless steel material.  Surface of pass box is bright and clean, picture upside. Equipment with large glass for observation and install sealant to ensure tightness with  high efficiency filter, circulating fan inside.


   Pass box installs electronic interlock system ,which means when one door is opened, the other  can not be opened , at the same time, the electromagnetic lock interlocking action implementation .When two door all closed ,the fan to start working, will shine lights at the same time, another door can open.

   The shape and size of the pass box  in the process of production can be effectively designed to meet the needs, and pass box would  install sterilization lamp, control microcomputer plane.
Air from the return air return into the static pressure case, then through high efficiency air filter press out.


Pass box of a high efficiency on bacteria filtration , so generally into the work area is clean air, thus formed a sterile environment in a work area, the surface of pass box installed diffuser plate and ultraviolet germicidal lamp.


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