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Air filter layout and installation precautions and their replacement cycle

- Dec 20, 2017 -

If you know the size of the air filter and air flow, then, how to calculate the resistance? Air conditioning in the air filter, the installation and installation options, what precautions? In addition, how long should the air filter in the air compressor be replaced? These are all about the air filter, so the following to explain and answer, in order to let everyone know the correct answer to solve these problems in a timely manner.


1. Know the size of the air filter and air flow, how to calculate the resistance?

The resistance of the air filter is calculated primarily to understand the magnitude of the various resistances in the decontamination process and which varies with the wind speed or filtration rate on the windward side. Therefore, the design of the filter design should take into account its installation location in the purification system, as well as its structure and so on, to carry out the air filter surface velocity, and then, to get its rated air flow.


Therefore, in view of the above, knowing the size and air volume of the air filter, the resistance can be obtained, so that it is well determined how to arrange the air filter so as to have a good use effect and, at the same time, to ensure Filter the filter effect.


2.Air conditioning air filter selection layout and installation precautions

Air conditioning, air filter this part, its choice of arrangement and installation of the precautions, is:


(1) primary effect air filter, which can not choose oil immersed air filter, air filter and the effect should be arranged in the positive pressure clean air conditioning system section. In addition, sub-efficient and efficient filters should be placed at the end of the clean air conditioning system.

(2) Medium efficiency, high efficiency and high efficiency air filter should be selected and determined according to the rated air volume. In addition, the efficiency and efficiency of similar high-efficiency air filters should be set in the same clean room.

(3) An efficient air filter in an air filter, which is simple, safe and reliable in installation, and easy to inspect and replace.


3. Pre-air filter understanding and air compressor air filter replacement

If the air filter is primarily protective to protect the filter at that level, and is on the windy side of the filter, then this air filter, which can be called a pre-air filter.

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