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Air filter installation sequence and display processing date in air conditioning

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Air filter, which is one of the filter,  affirmation is to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, because this for us, is often seen and to use a filter.So, next, will explain its relevant knowledge, or is the answer, in this way, can to correct and rational use of air filter.

1. There is resistance in air filter, does it mean?And, its on the price, what are the factors associated with?
 Resistance of air filter,it means that filters out between  ruturn wind and surface wind, there is a pressure difference, and is under a certain air volume this premise.

   The price of this kind of filter, its on the related factors, there is a product is domestic or imported, and its specific models and some important parameters such as these.Moreover, they are very important, therefore, be short of one cannot.Therefore, we in the choose and buy when the air filter, should consider all these, and make a comprehensive, in this way, can choose the right product.

2.Air filter in the box type and installation sequence
     Air conditioning air filter in the box, the species, its use is for early effect and effectively filter in both.In addition, there are may, is a high efficiency filters may be used.As for the installation of the filter order, it is at the beginning of the first efficient filter, and then the effect in the filter.And, in effect filter must be behind the early efficient filter, usually after the blower, the blower on the positive pressure of export, so as not to clean the air is polluted again.

3. The air compressor maintenance, if show air filter, how should handle?
Air compressor maintenance, if show air filter expired, then, is should be checked, and replace a/an oil.However, if you have already carried out the work, but also shows that expired, so there are may be a good time, not timely adjustment after maintenance at this time, the response time to adjust, to solve the problem.

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