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Highly Cost Effective Pharmaceutical Clean Room with HVAC System

clean room decoration 1.clean room layout requirements The dust-free workshop is an independent space from the layout, with an annular seal corridor in the periphery of the shop. It has a buffer zone with the outside world, which can prevent external pollution and also relatively energy-saving....

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clean room decoration

1.clean room layout requirements

The dust-free workshop is an independent space from the layout, with an annular seal corridor in the periphery of the shop. It has a buffer zone with the outside world, which can prevent external pollution and also relatively energy-saving. The interior and doors of the factory are suitable for the smoothing of the inner wall and not the windowsill. The number of layers and the structure of the window should be fully considered the air moisture seal, so that the pollution particles are not easy to penetrate from the outside. In order to prevent indoor and outdoor temperature difference and condensation, indoor cleanliness of the room between the doors and windows to seal the gap. Doors and windows should choose a good weather resistance, natural deformation is small, the manufacturing error is small, good air tightness, modeling should be simple, easy to dust, easy to clean, no threshold threshold. Clean the doors and windows of the plant should use metal or metal coating materials, shall not use wooden doors and windows, so as to avoid long-term damp bacteria. The windows on the outer wall should be flat with the inner wall, the windowsill is beveled or do not leave the windowsill, and double the fixed window to reduce the energy loss.

2.clean workshop floor decoration requirements

Dust-free plant floor decoration should flat, seamless, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, not easy to gather static electricity, convenient to clean the overall ground. The design can be used in groundwater terrazzo ground. The diameter of the stones used should be between 6-15 mm. Where the divider must be separated by copper bars and glass bars shall not be used. Epoxy self-leveling floor is mainly used now. It is a resin composite material floor. It is characterized by solvent-free, non-toxic and tasteless, seamless, gravity leveling. It can achieve the effect of mirror decoration, seamless connection. It’s also durable of oil and acid, alkali, salt chemical solvents. It’s anti-static, dust small, wear-resistant impact, but the cost is high. It is mostly used in the requirements of high cleanliness, beautiful appearance, clean, sterile electronic, pharmaceutical, blood products and other industries workshop floor. Epoxy self-leveling floor with thickness of more than 1 mm generally can be used for more than 6 years. Under the floor should be laid moisture-proof layer. Concrete sub-line should not pass through the clean area.

3.clean room wall decoration requirements

Clean room decoration wall should be smooth, flat, corrosion resistance, color harmony, easy to identify pollutants. Interior paint must be used mildew, anti-static, to avoid glare and can withstand the cleaning and disinfection of the material brushing. The intersection of the wall and the ground should be a radius of 50 mm arc to reduce the accumulation of dust and easy to clean. Transport corridors and other places easy to hit the wall should be set with guard rails, to prevent vibration due to decoration materials and dust off.

4.clean room supply air duct and lamps must be arranged in the technical sandwich

In order to ensure indoor cleaning, all air ducts and lamps must be arranged in the technical sandwich. Now many pharmaceutical companies use color steel sandwich panels as ceiling. Color steel sandwich panels have light weight, good overall strength and integrity, nice thermal insulation and other characteristics. It’s suitable for GMP production plant. But the ceiling must be fixed in the structure of the building. It can not be misused as equipment and pipeline hangers. The ceiling and the wall should have smooth connection. Ceiling, air duct inlet and outlet should be sealed. Light inspection is needed after finishing ceiling installation, to ensure seamless. According to the process requirements, generally in the technical sandwich should be set maintenance corridor. It’s convenient for pipeline repair and filter replacement. Technology sandwich wall and ceiling should be painted.

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Purification project rock wool panel

Rock wool panel uses basalt as the main raw material. It’s made of inorganic fiber board after high temperature melt processing treatment. Rock wool panel, also known as rock wool insulation decorative panels. After high temperature melting, artificial inorganic fiber in the rock wool panel has a light weight, thermal conductivity, heat absorption, non-flammable characteristics. The initial development in the building is a common type of application for industrial buildings should be consistent with "building insulation materials application type and basic requirements "requirement. Rock wool panel, tested successfully on June 1981, is a new type of insulation, fire, sound absorption material.


Rock wool sandwich panel’s core material is basalt and other natural ores. After high temperature treatment, it is melt into fiber. Add the right amount of binder and make it. It’s the strongest fire resistance panel among the same series (sandwich panel series). The product is suitable for drying room, paint room, industrial equipment, construction, ship insulation, noise, etc. It’s also suitable for electronic clean room, clean plant, explosion-proof fireproof plant ceiling and wall. It passes through national testing center fire limit detection. Fire limit time is 80 minutes. This product’s thickness can be made into 50-60-75-100-120-125-150 mm. It’s customized.

Type: Construction product

Usage: insulation, fireproof, sound absorption

Features: light weight, small thermal conductivity, endothermic

Purification project EPS panel

Color steel sandwich panels are divided into

1.According to the interface, it is divided into 950,1150 mouth type, 1000,1200 “H=” type, 950, 980 corrugated type.

2.According to the thickness, it is divided into 25, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 125, 150 mm.

3.According to the core material, it can be divided into EPS weight 8-20 g, polyurethane (pu) density 30-45 kg/m3, rock wool density 110 to 150 kg/m3.

4.Surface steel sheet options: purification plate, anti-static plate, fluorocarbon plate, galvanized steel, stainless steel plate.

5.EPS sandwich plate thickness 0.3-0.6 mm, rock wool sandwich plate thickness 0.4-1 mm.

Purification project honeycomb panel

Color steel sandwich panel has beautiful shape, beautiful color. Its overall effect is good. It has characteristics like good load, insulation, waterproof, fireproof. It doesn’t need secondary decoration. Installation is quick and easy. Construction period is short. It can be used repeatedly. It’s a widely used, highly efficient and efficient building material.

Purification project PU panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel is for construction use. It’s also known as anti-leakage sandwich panel, polyurethane rigid foam insulation panel, polyurethane composite panel, PU panel and so on. It is a energy-saving panel with wide range of usage, great potential. It’s also recommended b Ministry of Construction.

The panel uses polyurethane foam as sandwich. It’s mainly used in industrial kitchen, logistics warehousing, integrated housing roof, maintenance system.

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