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Highly Cost Effective Interlock Door and Emergency Door

lean room interlock door clean room interlock door system adopts imported computer chips, with high stability, high accuracy, small volume, complete functions. The system has less than 12 w power consumption, low temperature, a long lock live, is the best purification industry product. The...

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Clean room interlock door introduction

clean room interlock door system adopts imported computer chips, with high stability, high accuracy, small volume, complete functions. The system has less than 12 w power consumption, low temperature, a long lock live, is the best purification industry product.

The working principle: 

1. After open the power switch then power supply is connected, the two door closed, system began to work properly. When one of  doors(A) is opened, the other door(B) is locked, employees in the gas chamber, must close the door A first then  to open the B otherwise can’t be work.

2. when a door opened more then 180 seconds, another door is unlocked automatically.

3.In the case of power failure, electric control lock automatically unlock, two doors can be opened.

Chain, 180 seconds reset automatically
Clean room emergency door
In the dust-free workshop set safety door and corridor, ease of emergency thing .This according to the company's production area and the nature of the width of the door, is generally required safety door can open in the direction of evacuation or glass doors can easily break.
Food clean workshop structure material requirements
More and more people pay attention to healthy eating. In the field of food production, all products must ensure the safety of the clean pollution-free, food and clean room construction also is a kind of essential safety in production of engineering projects
The requirement of food factory clean workshop structure material

1.Food factory clean workshop’s wall, roof material generally adopt a 50 mm thick sandwich color steel plate, aluminum oxide for purification. Dairy clean purification workshop door using purity doors, aluminum alloy fixed glass windows.

2. Food factory clean workshop ground using epoxy self-leveling or senior wearing plastic floor clean.

3. Food factory workshop pipes using galvanized steel sheet production, and use the "PEF" flame retardant insulation board insulation. Food factory clean level of suspended particles in the air of workplace cleanliness: such as  ISO 5.
Pharmaceutical workshop/ Medical clean workshop


GMP Brief Introduction:

GMP standard (pharmaceutical production quality management standard) is to guarantee the quality of drugs in the continuous production system. It makes the danger of not qualified under the pharmaceutical production process to be reduced to a minimum. The GMP contains all aspects requirements , from factories to the ground, equipment, personnel and training, health, water and air purification, the production and documents."GMP" is the abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice, Chinese meaning is "Good practices", or "Good Manufacturing standard", is a kind of autonomy management system which pay special attention to the quality and health safety of product.

GMP standard is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food industries, requiring companies from raw materials, personnel, facilities, equipment, production process, packaging, transportation, quality control, etc aspects must according to the relevant regulations of the state health quality requirements, formed a set of operational code of conduct to help enterprises to improve health environment, discover the problems existing in the production process, to improve them. In short, GMP production enterprises should have a good production equipment, reasonable production process, strict quality management and perfect detection system, to ensure the quality of the final product (including food safety and hygiene) conform to the regulations.

Biopharmaceutical companies require of GMP is to make sure to establish scientific, strict aseptic pharmaceutical production environment, process, operation and management system, to eliminate all possible, the potential biological activity, dust, pyrogen contamination, produce the high quality, health and safety of drug products. What we call the biopharmaceutical purification engineering-GMP clean workshop engineering solutions and pollution control technology is one of the main means to assure the GMP successfully;

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