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Class 100~100,000 Different Cleanliness Level Dust Free Clean Room

Class B Clean Room Class B Clean Room is 1000 cleanliness level purification workshop Class A Clean Room Grade A is 100 cleanliness level purification workshop The level of clean room Countries around the world have set the specification, but is generally based on the Federal government...

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Class B Clean Room
Class B Clean Room is 1000  cleanliness level purification workshop
Class A Clean Room
Grade A  is 100 cleanliness level purification workshop
The level of clean room
Countries around the world have set the specification, but is generally based on the Federal government promulgated the Standard [Federal Standard (FS) 209 e, 1992], clean room can be divided into six levels, respectively is 1, 10, 100 grade, 1000 grade, 10000 grade, 100000 grade, if the level of clean room only dust amount to account, can assume that the size of the dust particles of 0.5 microns.


Class 100 Clean Room

international hundreds of clean room design and decoration of Standard grade A is per cubic meter will be less than 0.5 micron particle size on the number of dust control under 3500.

Class 1,000 Clean Room
According to international practice, dust-free purification level mainly according to the division per cubic meter of air particle diameter is greater than the standard number of particles to rules. That is the so-called no dust, clean is not 100% but control on a very tiny amounts of units, thousand grade clean room is refers to the number of dust were strictly controlled within 1000 per cubic meter.
Class 10,000 Clean Room
Class 10,000 Clean Room also called clean room, all levels of clean room compartment is divided into three parts: the dressing room, level and the level.
Class 100,000 Clean Room
Class 100,000 Clean Room said "per cubic meter of air dust grain diameter greater than or equal to 0.5 um in the number of less than 100000.
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Q:What’s the difference between the 1000 and 10000 cleanliness level clean room?
A: The difference between the different level of clean room mainly cleanliness is different. Cleanliness level is different, air changes time is different , different air changes time , dust particle size is different, filter dust particles is different, air flow, equipment, cost is different. Cleanliness level 1000 than10000 clean room level is higher, so the cost is higher.

Humidity requirement of 1000 level clean room is 55 + / - 5%;greater or equal to 0.5 micron particles must not exceed 350000, greater or equal to the number 5 micron particle level shall not be more than a 2000 clean room for temperature, humidity, no special requirements, to wear clean work clothes do not produce comfortable feeling advisable, temperature control generally 20 to 22 ℃ in winter; Summer 24 ~ 26 ℃;Fluctuation plus or minus 2 ℃.Winter clean room humidity control in 30-50%, clean room humidity control in 50-70% in summer.

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