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High Quality Stainless Steel Rolling Door Cargo Air Shower

Modular air shower Modular cargo air shower Rolling door cargo air shower Rapid rolling door goods air shower room enclosure rapid rolling door and rapid rolling door system, high efficiency filter, blower, distribution box, nozzle and several big parts. The floor of rapid rolling door air...

Product Details

Modular air shower,Modular cargo air shower,Rolling door cargo air shower details and feature

Rapid rolling door goods air shower room enclosure rapid rolling door and rapid rolling door system, high efficiency filter, blower, distribution box, nozzle and several big parts. The floor of rapid rolling door air shower usually made of stainless steel or without base plate, box body with stainless steel plate or bending welded surface for the milky white paint. Cargo air shower is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing, surface electrostatic print  processing, beautiful generous, the floor all stainless steel plate making friction resistance, easy to clean. Cabinet advocate material and shape size can customize according to customer's requirements.


Stainless steel cargo air shower working process

cargo air shower is necessary part for the goods into the clean room, it can reduce the pollution by the goods in and out of clean room, stainless steel shower room and wall adopts full stainless steel enclosure, shower room electronic interlock two doors, can and the role of the gas chamber, not by purification of air into the clean room, high-tech intelligent voice goods shower with voice prompt system, prompted by the automatic speech system when blowing rain, human voice prompt give a person a kind of warm feeling, and achieve effective purification effect, after the efficient filter clean air by rotating the nozzle from injection to the surface of the object in all directions, effective and rapid removal of dust particles, with the air dust particles by early again, high efficiency filter after recycle to air shower area.

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Air shower to clean room

What is the difference between air shower and cargo air shower?

Mainly differences on the size and the open means, literally is also quite easy to understand: air shower is part of the staff channel, cargo air shower room is part of the goods channel.

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Welcome to buy high quality stainless steel rolling door cargo air shower with our factory. As one of the leading Cargo Air Shower manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer custom products with cheap price. Feel free to get the quote with us now.


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