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Customized Steel Color Plate Air Shower

One Person Air Shower The air in the one person air shower is sent by fan through pre-filter into the static pressure box. After passing through HEPA filter, the clean air is sprayed from the nozzle of the air shower, and the nozzle angle can be adjusted to effectively blow dust on personnel....

Product Details

One Person Air Shower working principle

The air in the one person air shower is sent by fan through pre-filter into the static pressure box. After passing through HEPA filter, the clean air is sprayed from the nozzle of the air shower, and the nozzle angle can be adjusted to effectively blow dust on personnel. Dust is recycled into pre-filter. It reaches air shower purpose through this circulation. One person air shower is made of color steel plate and aluminum alloy parts. It’s equipped with centrifuge fan, pre-filter, and HEPA filter, It has beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance, simple operation.

Double-person Air Shower function

Double-person air shower is a kind of purification equipment. It’s an access for staff to enter and go out of clean room. It can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the human body and objects, to reduce the amount of dust into the clean room. At the same time it plays as air lock, to prevent unclean air from going inside. It works with AHU system to ensure that clean room achieves the required cleanliness level.

Automatic Sliding Door Air Shower operation process

Automatic sliding door air shower is a device with a 180 degree angle double open horizontal translational switch. When the automatic door sensor detector detects someone to enter, it sends pulse signal to the air shower intelligent circuit board. Air shower controller informs motor to work after that. At the same time, it monitors the motor speed, in order to inform the motor to speed up or slow down at a time. The motor is given a certain running current to do a positive run, the power transmitted to the timing belt, and then by the timing belt is passed to the spreader system so that the entrance doors of air shower open; when people or things go into the air shower, room controller makes judgments, automatic closing the air shower door entrance doors. When the shower is finished, the air shower exit doors automatically open. When people or things leave the air shower, the air shower door exit doors are automatically shut.

Multi-person Double-side Air Shower matters needing attention

Air shower depth is based on staff number of plant. Usually for plant that has around 100 staff work inside, it uses multi-person double-side air shower. Every minute has 3 passes and 9 people pass if 3 people enter into air shower at the same time, blow time 15 seconds. 90 people finish shower in 10 minutes. It’s better to let all staff finish air shower within 10 minutes, otherwise it affects work.

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Q: What’s the difference between one person air shower and two-person air shower?

Air shower has standard size and customized size. The size is determined based on site situation. One person air shower means one person can enter into air shower at the same time. Two-person air shower means two persons can enter into air shower at the same time. 

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