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The performance test of the air filter and the use range of the filter element

- Oct 31, 2017 -

【Summary】Air filters are common types of filters, which are widely used in many areas and situations. However, if you want to have a full understanding of it, you need to spend some time and energy. Then, let’s learn something about it, so that you can improve your learning efficiency.


1. Can the air filter make oxygen?

The main function of the air filter is to filter out water vapor and oil in compressed air, as well as some solid impurities and dust, so there is no relationship between it and oxygen. Therefore, to this question, it is obvious that the answer is not.

2. What factors will affect the life of the air filter? In addition, are there air filters in the pneumatic triad?

In general, the influence factors of the service life of the air filter are many, such as whether the piston sealing ring is plugged. In addition, there are other factors. Therefore, the piston sealing ring should be  unimpeded so that the service life of the filter can be guaranteed. In the pneumatic triplets, there are air filters, pressure regulating valve and air regulator.

3. What industries is the filter element of the pipeline air filter mainly used in?

The main application of the filter element of the pipeline air filter is oil filtration, water filtration, and air filtration, to remove the solid particles in the air, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the air, and make sure that the equipment can work and operate normally.

4.What are the standards for the performance testing of air filters?

When testing the performance of the air filter, the reference standard is EN- 779 and ASHRAE 52.2, and is tested by a special instrument. Its test principle is very simple, through the test to get the pressure difference and efficiency. And then, the performance of the filter can be understood, so as to the filter classification can be divided.


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