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The equipment which must has the air filter and the connection of the air compressor

- Oct 17, 2017 -

【Summary】Air filter, is one of the filters, and is also a common type. And from now on, its application has penetrated into our daily life. So, in order to let everyone have an in-depth understanding of this filter and have the right use, next, we will carry on the explanation for the related knowledge to achieve the above goal.

1. Is the air filter in the air compressor can be omitted?

There are air filters, oil filters and oil and gas separator in the air compressor, which are all very important and indispensable. So, obviously, to this question, its answer is "NO". Its function is to filter out the solid dust and particles in the air, and the oil filter is mainly used to filter the oil.

2. Is it necessary to use the air filter in the pneumatic circuit?

It is very necessary to use the air filter in the pneumatic circuit. Because, it can filter the steam, oil gas and dust impurities in the compressed air so to purify the air. Therefore, the filter is an important part, which can not be used, otherwise, it will lead to the pneumatic circuit work problems, and then can not work.

3.How to connect the self-cleaning air filter to the air compressor? In addition,is the air filter in the car same model?

The connection of the self-cleaning air filter and the air compressor is very easy, which mainly connecting the clean room outlet and the air compressor inlet. In this way, the air can be inhaled under the negative pressure, filtered through the air filter to allow for subsequent use.

The air filter in the car can be said, as an indispensable part. Moreover, we should not treat it lightly. On the model, different brands, and different levels of the car, the choice of air filter model is different and can not be the same model.


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